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AccuChat | Proof of Value Assessment

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Before we begin:

AccuChat POVs are considered mini projects in order to demonstrate a glimpse of the potential value that can or may be achieved by implementing the proposed platform. In order to ensure a successful POV (Proof of Value), we require a few bits of information from you to provide you with the best possible experience

Please Note: The standard duration of our Proof of Value projects is usually 4 weeks. Should there be a need for an extension, this will be assessed at the end of week 3 or 4 of your POV period.

Important Information:

Lastly, in order for us to structure and put together the components of the POV that most closely resembles your current incident logging processes, we will need the following information either before, or during the 1 week planning phase prior to the commencement of your 4 week assessment period.

  1. A list of the common incident categories for stores or frontline staff.
  2. A list of triaging questions that relate to each of the incident categories.
  3. A list of users and WhatsApp contact numbers that will be able to access the self-service incident logging channel.
  4. A Point-of-Contact for the overall project.
  5. Points-of-Contact for individuals that will be engaging with the solution at the frontline.