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Welcome to Chat Inc – the intersection where innovation seamlessly meets communication! Unleash the true potential of WhatsApp for your business with our cutting-edge solutions. Empower your frontline communications, elevate your marketing opportunities, and delight your event attendees. Explore the possibilities of automating your customer services with our advanced bots. At Chat Inc, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the way you connect and engage, ensuring your business stays ahead in the dynamic landscape of modern communication.

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What is Chat Inc?

Chat Inc is a comprehensive customer engagement platform built to harness the power of WhatsApp. Our integrated suite of tools and services empowers businesses to seamlessly connect with their customers through WhatsApp, enhancing marketing, sales, content management, and customer service efforts

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A True WhatsApp Ecosystem

Welcome to our advanced WhatsApp system – not just a messaging platform but a complete CRM solution. Manage your WhatsApp database effortlessly, deliver targeted broadcast messages, engage in direct one-to-one communication, and efficiently handle your WhatsApp bots. Easily segment and tag your audiences for personalised communication. Experience streamlined, innovative communication with Chat Inc – where efficiency meets innovation.

Centralized CRM for WhatsApp

Our cloud-based CRM serves as the beating heart of your customer interactions. Every conversation, every detail, all in one place. Seamlessly manage customer interactions, preferences, and history, ensuring a personalized touch in every engagement. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to organized, actionable insights.

One-on-One Messaging Excellence

Forge genuine connections with your customers through our intuitive one-on-one messaging interface. Instantly respond to queries, offer tailored recommendations, and resolve issues in real-time. Deliver unparalleled customer service, building trust and loyalty one chat at a time.

Broadcast Campaign Mastery

Empower your business with the ability to craft and execute broadcast campaigns with precision. Our platform enables you to target specific audience segments, schedule messages, and analyze campaign performance effortlessly. Boost your reach, drive engagement, and watch your conversions soar.

DIY Bot Builder (Coming Soon!)

Stay ahead of the curve with our upcoming Do-It-Yourself Bot Builder. Craft intelligent bots tailored to your business needs, all without a single line of code. Whether it's sales support, appointment scheduling, or customer FAQs, our intuitive interface will let you design bots that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Turn your WhatsApp interactions into  extraordinary  business experiences.

Explore our comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance your customer


Send laser targeted and personalized interactive chat commerce and marketing campaigns.

proactive for Zendesk

Send and track proactive one-to-one or bulk WhatsApp templates directly from the agent workspace!


Build simple or highly complex interactive Chatbots that drive digital commerce and enable business process automation.


An all-in-one power packed Omni-channel chat commerce and live chat solution for your support staff.

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Get noticed with unbeatable read rates on WhatsApp.

Chat Inc  built  for your industry

Chat Inc is dedicated to providing your industry with top-notch solutions for fostering growth-oriented communications in your business. If you're aiming to eliminate friction from your daily client and employee interactions, consider WhatsApp as the ideal solution.

Events Inverse

Seamless communication with potential and confirmed event attendees. Engage and inform attendees effortlessly, boosting sign-ups and elevating event experiences.

Retail Inverse

Unlock the power of WhatsApp in retail to deliver personalized experiences by sharing tailored product recommendations and real-time assistance. 

Internal Comms Inverse
Employee Coms
Factory Workers

Streamline communication with your staff on the platform that they prefer. Enhance engagement, relay critical updates, and bridge communication gaps.

Internal Comms Inverse
Employee Coms
Truck Drivers

We are constantly broadening our range of services and exploring new frontiers to extend our innovative solutions to.

Internal Comms Inverse
Employee Coms
Frontline Workers

First, the problems faced by businesses are identified. Raw structured as well as unstructured data is gathered. 

Coming Soon Inverse
Coming Soon

First, the problems faced by businesses are identified. Raw structured as well as unstructured data is gathered. 

Our clients say it best

We always aim to fulfill our clients aspirations. So that there will be shortcomings in their path.

 In looking out at the industry offerings you will find it very difficult to find a better partner than Chat Inc.

Tarryn Julius,
Call Centre Manager

Thank you so much for all the support from the Chat Inc team. You have been an absolute dream to work with, and the service you provided was unmatched!

Christopher Willard,
Business Applications Coord.

Hit play to explore the endless capabilities

Explore how Woolworths have pioneered their cust9omer engagement with the power of flow within their business, enhancing not only their customer journey but improving on their employee friction.

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