Terms & Conditions

Financial Considerations

  • All prices are EX VAT
  • All prices excludes any form of jurisdictional WTH (Withholding Taxes)
  • For quotes denominated in ZAR the Meta conversational charges are exchange rate dependent and can fluctuate between time of quote and time of invoice
  • All Meta conversational fees and platform message handling costs are purchased via prepaid messaging bundles
  • As soon as the service order is signed an invoice will be generated for the prepaid messaging bundle that is payable before account activation
  • If the WhatsApp channel is already provisioned within Zendesk / Smooch the above two items around prepaid message bundles will not apply
  • Platform license fees are invoiced monthly in advance. Payable within 7 business days of invoice
  • Any setup and configuration fees are invoiced and payable in advance. An invoice will be generated accordingly upon signature of the quotation
  • Project related work could require a deposit that will be negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Where discounts have been applied (if any) it is applicable for the duration of the initial agreement term only unless otherwise agreed upon and recorded in the notes and special conditions section below
  • All overdue invoices will incur a penalty interest at a rate of 2.5% per month
  • This quotation excludes Premium Service Levels or Managed Services which can be quoted separately.
  • Monthly subscription and message handling fees are subject to adhoc price changes
  • Meta conversational charges are subject to price changes by Meta


Clients making use of any social messaging channels will be required to accept the business rules and policies of the respective IM/social messaging platform providers. In the event that WhatsApp is used, the following WhatsApp Policies will apply. Applicable policies include, but are not limited to.

Disclaimer Notes

  • Outbound messages/campaigns are subject to each IM provider’s anti-spam volume, quality and user experience rules.
  • WhatsApp Template Messages (Business Initiated Messages) are opt-in outbound messages to contacts. Template Message text and format require prior approval from Facebook Inc. before messages can be sent to opted-in contacts.
  • Brand verification (WhatsApp Green Verified Badge) is subject to brands demonstrating certain volume tiers and being publicly known. Verification is not guaranteed and is at the sole discretion of WhatsApp
  • Certain IM Provider Business APIs are still in beta (early access) and functionality may be retired at the sole discretion of the IM Provider.
  • Additional market & technical compliance requirements may be priced accordingly if outside the standard GDPR guidelines.
  • Certain Platform features may be in Early Access (Beta) phase and the client therefore accepts certain omissions or defects may arise from time to time. Chat Inc will aim to remedy such defects as soon as it becomes known.
  • Client’s subscription to Sweesh platform shall include the features and Services for the Plan Type purchased in the quotation. Features, Modules and Services that may be or may become available as part of Sweesh, and that are not included above, are not included in Subscriber’s purchase under this quotation. Subscriber shall not have the right to use features and Services not included herein.
  • Sweesh fair use policies may apply for high volumes.
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