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Have a technical question?

Is there a trial version?


Yes, there is a 14-day free trial available.


How does Chat Inc Proactive work?

Chat Inc Proactive integrates with Zendesk Agent Workspace and enables you to re-open closed WhatsApp tickets, send WhatsApp Template Messages without an open ticket, manage WhatsApp Template Messages on your Sunshine Conversations Account, and more.

How can I manage WhatsApp Template Messages on my Sunshine Conversations Account?

Chat Inc Proactive provides the ability to create, edit, update, and delete WhatsApp Template Messages directly from your Sunshine Conversations Account. This allows you to maintain and customize your templates as needed.

How do I install Chat Inc Proactive?


Ensure you have all the required add-ons & packages. Then follow this easy tutorial to get setup in a matter of minutes.

What do I need to get started?


You will need:

1. Zendesk Professional or higher (Sunshine Conversations is included)

2. Sunshine Conversations Activated (Speak to your Zendesk Account Executive)

3. Your desired Chat Inc Proactive Package.

4. Be aware of the additional META messaging charges.

Where can I get training videos?


Certainly! You can find all training videos here

Can agents preview WhatsApp templates before sending them?

Yes, agents using Chat Inc Proactive can preview WhatsApp templates within the agent workspace before sending them to customers. This ensures that the message appears as intended.

How can Chat Inc Proactive help me update customers on support issues via WhatsApp?

Chat Inc Proactive enables you to easily update customers on support issues via WhatsApp by sending them proactive WhatsApp Template Messages. This allows for timely and efficient communication.

What access permissions do I need to use Chat Inc Proactive?


To use Chat Inc Proactive, you need admin access to Zendesk Support, admin access to Sunshine Conversations, and Zendesk Chat Messaging enabled. These permissions ensure smooth integration and functionality.


Do I need Zendesk Chat Messaging and Zendesk Chat enabled to use this tool?


Yes, both Zendesk Chat Messaging and Zendesk Chat need to be enabled for you to utilize the full features of Chat Inc Proactive. These components work together to enhance your WhatsApp messaging capabilities.



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